Environmetal Engineering (AE0B02EKE, AE0M02EKE)

doc. Ing. Rudolf Bálek, CSc.


Environmental natural and physical components e.g. mechanic, electric, magnetic fields, excited and ionising particles and waste are treated in this course. Measuring systems, methods of measurement and sensors of environmental quantities are dealt with. Many of these methods are practically exercised in laboratories.


  1. Environmental Survey of the Czech Republic and of the World.
  2. Environmental hazards and human health. Assessment and monitoring.
  3. Ecosystems. Biodiversity. Monitoring.
  4. Nature treasure. Non-renewable/renewable energy. Impact assessment.
  5. Climate, climate change. Monitoring.
  6. Air pollution. Emission and imission measurement. Monitoring.
  7. Food security. Soil. Water resources, water pollution. Assessment and monitoring.
  8. Waste management. Measurement on landfills. Monitoring.
  9. Mechanical Fields. Noise. Infrasound. Vibration. Measurement and sensors.
  10. Electrical and Magnetical Fields. Measurement and sensors.
  11. Thermal comfort. Measurement methods and sensors.
  12. Light comfort. Measurement methods and sensors.
  13. Ionising radiation. Measurement and monitoring.
  14. Nuclear Energetics. Environmental projects. Databases. Information systems. Test.


  1. Polarographic measurement - PDF
  2. Measurement of noise - PDF
  3. Measurement of flue gases - PDF
  4. Measurement of electric fields of residual charges -PDF
  5. Measurement of magn. field of industrial frequencies leakage - PDF
  6. Declination of geomagnetic field - PDF
  7. Greenhouse effect - PDF
  8. Photometric law of distance - PDF
  9. Measurement of induced body currents - PDF
  10. Measurement of structure/layering in landfills - PDF
  11. Measurement of heat flow from surface of landfill - PDF
  12. Demonstration of influence of polarized sun radiation in environment - PDF


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